4K Experimentations: Blackmagic Infrared

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5y Jan 18, 2016

FULL BLOG POST WITH ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW HERE: http://philipbloom.net/blog/infrared/

My last infrared experimentations, for now. This time with my dusted off Blackmagic Production Camera which I removed the IR blocker from so it sensitive to light from the while spectrum, visible and invisible infrared. Here I used various screw on filters to cut the visible light. For this I used 650nm and 720nm filters. I also used an R65 Tiffen Red Filter as my 590nm filter has not arrived yet.

Most of the stuff in Brighton is filmed with the 720nm filter as well as a couple of shots with a strong variable ND on and no IR filter. Most of the rest of the shots are with the 650nm filter on a 40mm Canon pancake lens as it was the only lens I had that took the 52mm filter.

Grading is deliberately all over the place. Most of this was shot raw as it gave me much more control over the very important white balance. Some shots have the blue/ red channels reversed to give a blue sky with the 650nm and R65 filter which give a reddy/ brown colour normally.

Do check out my blog post with stacks of info!! http://philipbloom.net/blog/infrared/

Music courtesy of Music Bed "When Skies Speak" by Ryan Taubert.

Title filters is "Holomatrix EZ" from Red Giant Universe: http://gopb.co/redgiant

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