Chieftain's Q&A #12 Underwater tanks, muzzle brakes and torsion bars

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1y Jun 8, 2020

Another hour of fun-filled discussion, from fitting M10s with SCUBA gear for underwater operation to the (lack of) success of Sergeant Blast. Timestamps to follow in an edit.

Links to Things.
Torsion Bar Suspension History: https://www.benning.army.mil/Armor/eARMOR/content/issues/2002/MAR_APR/ArmorMarchApril2002web.pdf
Lt Bate's attempts to field under-water M10s: https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/chieftain/The_chieftains_Hatch_Babes/
Cover letter for negative T23 report.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:40 Namer was tested and apparently liked and rejected by the US Army, why?
03:56 Why did the US move from HVSS to torsion bar? (Note: T67, not T69)
05:40 Did the US ever test autoloader systems?
06:23 Why does the US Army generally like monocolor?
06:55 Why was CDP not more commonly used?
07:50 Why was the M10 based on the M4A2 and not M4A3?
08:40 Could there be another tank panic in the future caused by a superior adversary vehicle?
10:18 How would T32 have fared in Korea?
12:58 What kind of man-portable anti-tank devices are of most concern?
14:55 GOTM
18:21 What was strange projects undertaken?
21:14 What are my thoughts on tank competitions like Strong Europe or Sullivan Cup (Add link)
26:18 Why did the US Army never field an anti-aircraft tank?
27:39 When would one fire APDS over HEAT?
28:13 Why do some countries use gun armed tank destroyers vice missile?
30:31 Why did the Soviets use Su-76s vice tanks in Berlin?
31:20 Are there any firm penetration numbers for the 105mm gun T8.
32:12 How did I make models in Afghanistan?
33:00 Why do we rarely see muzzle brakes and fume extractors together?
34:24 Why were the WW2 bazookas so ineffective in Korea?
35:05 Would the US have been better off buying IKV-91 vs Sheridan
35:51 Did I ever wish that Tom or the Coyote would win?
36:33 What’s wrong with shooting uphill in a reverse slope ambush?
38:40 What did BW stand for in the Pz IV development?
41:02 Why was the Panzer III\IV stopped?
41:35 What would be the advantages of a convertible (Wheel/track) tank today?
42:25 How would T23 have performed in combat?
48:53 Have I ever been inside a Leopard 2, and how does it compare?

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