Worth $1,000 in 2020? | 2006 Ford Focus ZXW SE Full Tour, Buyer's Guide & Review

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4m Oct 17, 2020

It's about time we do a full episode of TestDrive Spotlight on my 2006 Ford Focus ZXW SE. Let's see what this 15 year old compact wagon has to offer!

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The Ford Focus was meant to be a global car for the Ford Motor Company, replacing the Escort in Ford's compact lineup, the Focus launched in Europe for a 1998 model year and in 2000 in North America. The Focus came in 4 body styles, essentially covering every type of car someone would want. The ZX3 3-door hatchback, ZX4 sedan, ZX5 5-door hatchback, and the slightly longer ZXW station wagon. The European markets also received the RS sport trim, and North America got the ST/SVT. My 2006 Ford Focus ZXW SE is the base model facelift for the wagon, and comes well equipped for the era.

In our full tour, buyer's guide, and comprehensive review we go over everything potential buyers would want to know if they're in the market for this Ford Focus, such as the differences in body styles, the trim differences, the 2.0L Duratec 20 engine, 4 speed automatic transmission, and the options you got with the SE and SES trims. Our SE was the mid-trim for most body styles, but was the base model for the wagon. The SE granted power windows, power door locks, keyless entry with a remote fob, heated front seats, an AM/FM/MP3 CD stereo, and air conditioning. Some models had leather seats, along with a tilt/telescoping steering wheel and alloy rims.

We jump inside the 2006 Ford Focus ZXW SE to take it on a real-world driving test to go over how this 15 year old car handles, drives, and performs in 2020. We discuss how the road noise might be higher than you'd expect, along with the performance out of the 136 horsepower engine, and the overall handling this car has. We also talk about some of the common problems you might find with a car like this, including the excessive rust issues that most cars sold in Canada today will be showing.

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