Yaron's History Lessons: The Battle of Midway (Audio Only)

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3y Aug 2, 2018

Only six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy devastated a much more powerful Japanese naval force during the Battle of Midway. This clash was America’s first major victory in the Pacific and proved to be a turning point in World War II.

Dr. Yaron Brook recounts and analyzes the story of this dramatic and heroic battle. He explains what made America’s success at Midway possible and how the lessons from this one sea battle can teach us what it takes to win in war.

Dr. Brook’s talk is a tribute to the brave men in uniform who, in 1942, made the victory at Midway possible, and who today, in spite of the obstacles placed in their path, fight for their own freedom and ours.

This talk was recorded on July 4 at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2005 in San Diego, CA.

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