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1y Jun 26, 2020

A robot is an automatic machine which can work like a human being. It can replace man in various branches of scientific and industrial tasks because it does not suffer from human limitations. It may or may not resemble a human being but definitely can work like him. The robots which resemble humans are called androids.
The word 'robot' was first used in the play Rossum's Universal Robots by the Czechoslovak dramatist, Karel Capek, who has derived it from a Czech word 'Ro bota' which means a forced or bonded labourer.
The Industrial Revolution and automations stimulated the invention of robotic devices to perform certain human tasks. A human worker, howsoever superb a craftsman he may be, has certain limitations.
He cannot work continuously in a hostile environment. He cannot work for long hours because he gets tired. He may be in short supply and hence expensive to hire. Modern industrial robotic devices aim at substituting a machine with man in hostile environments, cutting costs by replacing expensive manual labour with cheap
Dependable machines, and providing versatile, all-purpose robots or mechanical devices at predictable costs. Robot is such a machine which does not get tired, does not go on strike and does not demand an increase in salary.
Robots can perform a variety of jobs such as welding and painting a car, house cleaning, cutting the grass of a lawn, working in nuclear plants and travelling to space.

They can also play chess, work as a watchman, cut the wool of a sheep and pluck fruits from trees.
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