Nioh 2 Full Power Kashin Koji vs Enenra with Customized Clone Attacks and Behavior - God Yokai Form

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4w May 15, 2021

This I think is almost finished Kashin Koji. I added tons of custom clones abilities to make him the REAL God of all bosses one that can even rival his true form Otakemaru and maybe surpass it. He is now able to fully utilize the power of his clones and I added some custom abilities giving clones different attacks and what they do as well as the ability to increase their number. As you can see in the video this shows what can be done with research and coding and scripting to make this more fun to play as the main villain of Nioh.
Anyway this is all I will do for Nioh on that channel wanted to show you finished Kashin Koji and how I wanted him playable. I hope people are able to discover and do that on their own latter.

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