Ascent by Davinci Vaporizers at Startup & Tech Mixer San Francisco

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6y Nov 17, 2014

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - The DavinciVaporizer.com team flew all the way to San Francisco for the Startup & Tech Mixer event last Nov14,2014. It was held at The W Hotel at 181, 3rd St. San Francisco CA.

The Startup & Tech Mixer organization definitely has a cool, lively community that inspires and nurture the inner entrepreneur and leader in all of us. And the DavinciVaporizer team just made it even cooler with the Ascent vaporizers FREE test!

A lot of people were curious about it and we gave them a taste of how this vaping phenomenon is evolving. Several guys love it when they tried vaping the green tea loose leaf with the Ascent. It comes to show that every lifestyle, even with our tech-savvy and entrepreneur friends at Startup & Tech Mixer, has an Ascent for it.

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