How to Get Bigger Vapor Clouds With Your Ascent Vaporizer

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6y Mar 30, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - In this video, we show cool tips on how to get the best vapor quality out of your Ascent or Davinci portable vaporizer while using loose leaf material.

First, make sure you pack a tightly load bowl of the freshest material you have. We recommend you load the bowl with large chunks of material rather than finely grinding it. This will give you better results with a smoother, thicker vapor quality. Once you have your bowl loaded up, heat up your device between 365 degrees Fahrenheit and 385 degrees Fahrenheit.

The key is light, long draws between 10 to 30-second intervals. Don't forget to pack your material between each session(ensure that the bowl is not hot while doing this).

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