Why You Wouldn't Survive "HOW IT ENDS" (2018) + Apocalypse Explained

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1y Apr 19, 2020

“How It Ends” is a movie about a dad and his daughter's lover going on a roadtrip across America. Why would a dad go on a roadtrip across America with his daughter's lover? Well, besides being sponsored by Cadillac, they are trying to find and save said daughter because the cell service cut out right as the daughter said she was scared, oh, and F22’s started flying over the city. It’s never a good sign when F22’s fly over your city when there’s no scheduled air show. During their road trip from Chicago where they are, to Seattle where the daughter is, they come to realize that the Mayan’s calendar was off by 6 years and the Earth as they knew it is falling apart. The movie ends with the daughter and her lover riding off into the sunrise with a pyroclastic wave almost catching up to their 91 Jeep Wagoneer.

The movie gives us some clues as to what’s going on, but never actually makes a diagnosis of the apocalypse. This is left up to us.

In this video on Nerd Explains, I’ll tell you what the apocalypse was in the movie, “How It Ends”, as well as how to survive it.

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