How to score your sourdough bread | Eight new scores | Foodgeek Baking

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2m Feb 17, 2021

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Another video one scoring your sourdough bread. Eight new scores. Four scores for batards. Four scores for boules. Time to score your bread.

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The formula:

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Skillshare
00:03 Introduction
00:11 Foodgeek Intro
00:20 Thank you
00:51 Skillshare Promotion
01:54 Awesome Bread
02:23 The Triple French Cut
02:52 The Eye
03:27 The "M"
03:57 The Chess Board
04:40 Swirls
05:10 Kaiser Roll
05:42 Palm Leaf
06:09 The Circle
06:48 B-roll
07:51 Parting Words

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