Step Aside Netflix & Prime! A Physical Media Bargain Bonanza!

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1m Jun 12, 2021

Bargain Blu-rays, Dirt-Cheap DVDs, and Low Cost Compact Discs! In Media Mania Vol.11, I discuss
the abundance of optical media that has been showing up at thrift stores lately. As folks switch to streaming, they are giving away their old CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, creating a thrift store media goldmine! In this video I discuss this phenomenon, talk about how optical media can be ripped and streamed on a home network, and show my recent media hauls over the past few weeks.

I mentioned a video about digitizing CDs. Here is the link:

I used the program MakeMKV during this video. Here is the link.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro / Open
01:16 Streaming vs Discs
01:57 Advantages to Discs
02:20 Digitizing Media
03:00 Make MKV
05:18 Streaming Local Media
06:02 The Haul!
17:11 Close

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ThriftyAV tests a wide array of audio and video gear and media, with tips and tricks on how to use, fix, or acquire AV components for a bargain.


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