Chieftain's Q&A 21. Mt Rushmore, Promotions and Motion Sickness

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1m Aug 1, 2021

This'll be an hour and fifteen. Timestamps to follow.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro and T-Shirt plug
01:12 How much danger does a tank firing pose to dismounts nearby?
04:21 Has a purpose-designed ARV ever been built?
05:39 Who would be on a Tank-Related Mt Rushmore?
07:57 What doctrine did M36s fall under in Korean service?
08:28 Have tanks ever been designed to be dismantled for transport?
10:10 Why did my promotion take so long?
15:14 Are we going to see a return of the Marine Corps Defense Battalions?
16:10 Which would I prioritise, armor, mobility or firepower?
18:52 What were the regular maintenance tasks of an M1? Have you ever tried to avoid them?
21:00 Why is the loader the 2IC of a British tank, and the gunner on the US one?
22:28 Compare the logistical needs of a WW2 platoon of tanks with a modern platoon.
26:56 How many M1A2 SEP v3s are to be built?
28:01 Is motion sickness common amongst tankers?
28:57 Can a low-calibre cannon stun a crew sufficiently that a tank will not get a return shot off?
29:59 Was there ever a concern that fuel supplies will be interrupted in WW3?
31:04 Had Operation Unthinkable occurred, would it make more sense to keep the Germans in German tanks, or convert them to allied?
32:30 Do I have a favourite Thunderbird?
32:46 Which Xenos faction in 40k has the best tanks?
33:27 If the Germans had kept the smaller tanks instead of going big, would it have made a difference?
35:55 Why did they shoot at M1917s to test the armor?
37:04 Why no 120mm smoke round for tanks?
38:15 How would you configure machineguns and crew in WW2, Cold War, and Today?
40:23 What instances of executive meddling in the design of weapon systems (other than hitler) were there?
42:25 Will we get an Inside the Hatch on the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
42:42 Is it lawful to keep shooting at a knocked out vehicle to kill the crew?
44:01 What are my opinions on Technicals?
45:18 Are the new, larger IFVs/APCs still survivable on the modern battlefield?
47:32 What is the US military's plan to fill the hole left by the reduction of Styker MGS?
48:01 Do I plan to discuss the Thunder Run level on Battlefield 3?
48:45 GOTM
55:21 Do fin-stabilised rounds spin in flight?
56:05 Has travel for me become more difficult recently?
57:12 Has artillery always been a scary thing for tanks?
58:30 Should the Brits give up on Ajax?
1:00:04 Where does the name "Harmony Church" come from?
1:00:16 How do I greet my Joes?
1:00:49 Are there automatic track tensioning systems?
1:01:37 Did I ever finish the Type 97 model?
1:02:00 A return to the Australian purchase of M1A2
1:03:55 Would WW2/Korean War vehicles donated for a 1985 Red Dawn Senario be useful?
1:06:01 What countries used the M45 quadmount?
1:06:36 Why did Germany keep the tank destroyers through until 2006, but the US got rid of them immediately?
1:07:45 What happens after a tank crew takes a casualty?
1:09:00 Elbonia, 2000.
1:11:54 Swimming tanks vs amphibious tanks.

About The Chieftain

The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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