Roma Street Parklands Brisbane - Enjoy a lazy afternoon picnic in Brisbane | Roma Street Parkland

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1y Sep 22, 2020

So where are the best places around Australia to enjoy a picnic? Well, plan the perfect picnic in Roma Street Parkland.

Roma Street Parkland covers 16 hectares in the center of Brisbane, Australia. The Roma Street Parkland is adjacent to Brisbane Transit Centre and the Roma Street railway station from which it takes its name (the park does not directly face onto Roma Street) There is pedestrian access to the Roma Street Parkland from the Roma Street railway station, as well as from Albert Street, and from the section of the Parkland which used to be called Albert Park, in Wickham Terrace.

There is also a car park area, with road access from the intersection between Wickham Terrace, College Road, and Gregory Terrace. Roma Street Parkland is the world's largest subtropical garden in a city center. The parkland features a variety of themed gardens and recreational areas, with a web of pathways and boardwalks traversing cascading waterways and rocky outcrops, and also in situ artworks by 16 local artists.

Roma Street Parklands Brisbane - Enjoy a lazy afternoon picnic in Brisbane

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Area: 16 hectares (40 acres)
Created: 6 April 2001
Operated by: City Parklands Transition Services Pty Ltd through Brisbane City Council,

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