Dirt Cheap Hard Drive... Deal or Dud?

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3w Sep 20, 2021

Will it work? I found a Seagate One Touch 2TB Portable USB 3 Hard Drive at a deeply discounted price at the retail store Dirt Cheap. This store offers clearance deals on discontinued merchandise and items returned to other retail stores. What's the catch?... They DO NOT allow returns. How deep of a discount did Dirt Cheap Offer? Will this Hard Drive work? Find out if it is a Deal... or a Dud!

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:00 Intro / Open
00:22 About Dirt Cheap
01:21 Seagate One Touch
01:57 Amazon / Ebay
02:18 Deal Finder App
02:44 Unpacking
03:21 Does it Work?
04:02 Conclusion

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ThriftyAV tests a wide array of audio and video gear and media, with tips and tricks on how to use, fix, or acquire AV components for a bargain.


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