Forgotten Weapons Q&A Episode 52

Sam Colt was a Jerk, the NGSW will not be Adopted, and German WW1 Wunderwaffe

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1m Jul 20, 2021

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:27 Stocked pistols as submachine gun substitutes? Shanghai stocked pistol: https://youtu.be/Lf6S7faQbhg
0:03:20 Haunted guns?
0:03:58 Is the NGSW hybrid cartridge case a gimmick?
0:06:23 My loadout for Desert Brutality 2021 (and Finnish Brutality 2021)
0:08:42 M60 vs FN MAG
0:11:49 Why so few 10mm Auto PCCs? Also, 10mm H&K Mk23.
0:14:15 Best design for an assault rifle in WW1
0:16:37 Did WW1 accelerate or decelerate small arms development?
0:21:11 Why no more hammer prices in auction videos?
0:22:23 Actually trying volley fire with rifles
0:25:13 Using the same bore diameter for pistol, PDW, SMG, rifle, and SAW
0:27:55 [in French] Do my videos change the prices of milsurps?
0:30:08 Gun collecting in 2121 - will modern rifles still be cool?
0:35:28 Were other countries trying to develop smokeless powder at the same time as France?
0:37:23 Making .44 Automag form .308 Winchester
0:38:30 How do NFA sales at auction work in terms of possession and transfer paperwork?
0:41:54 Garand or SKS?
0:43:26 How is the LMG project (Lage Max11/15A1) going?
0:46:57 Was Sam Colt a charlatan? Colt company history: https://youtu.be/fk_TxE1d9HY
0:48:58 Why weren't more top-fed guns made/adopted?
0:52:22 German "wonder weapons" for the 1919 spring offensives?
0:54:12 Was the Thompson made in .38 Super?
0:57:37 Did German miss an opportunity for the Vollmer M38 to be an early Sturmgewehr?
0:59:27 Are small arms obsolete in an era of hypersonic missiles and cyber warfare?
1:01:12 How did designers or inventors handle the NFA legalities before 1968? Hill H15: https://youtu.be/tAZs7GdLreI
1:05:00 How to donate a collection to a museum
1:10:37 Advanced Primer Ignition: is it really a thing? (Bloke says no) Oerlikon: https://youtu.be/6yCxITYzW-0
1:13:09 LMGs other than the Breda using round-nose ammunition?
1:16:09 Difference between "carbine" and "light rifle"?

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