How Wyatt Earp Murdered Curly Bill Brocious?

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5y Dec 22, 2015

Edited to add:
The actual engagement distance in this location during the shooting segment is approximately 15 yards. Video distorts the perception of distance. You can stop with your comments about how this was too far to use a shotgun at with buckshot.

One of the most famous rivalries in Old West history is that of the Earp brothers and the "Cowboys".

Viewers of the movies "Tombstone" or "Wyatt Earp" will know the basic sequence of events, from the alley behind the OK Corral shootout to the assassination of Morgan Earp, attack on Virgil Earp, and ultimately Wyatt's Vendetta Ride.

The end of that ride culminated at the showdown between Wyatt Earp and Curly Bill Brocious.

Alas, both movies really do a very poor job of representing how that showdown actually went down.

Why does Hollywood do that, when the real story is just as interesting?

We have no idea...so we went to the site of the event to show you what really happened!

We reference a video regarding Charleston, AZ in this video, which can be viewed here:


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