Animation AMV Mix " Disturbed - The Light "

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1w Sep 12, 2021

Hey, everyone! I am finally back! Long story as to why I've been gone for so long. Last year, near the end, I posted that video explaining that I needed to achieve a specific dream. Unfortunately, it failed, and so I fell even further into my already severe depression. After contemplating suicide, I gave myself a chance, and kept going. I won't go into details with the reason I gave myself a chance, since not everyone believes in that ( no, it's not God, lol, though that wouldn't be a bad reason ). Afterwards, a friends post helped me realize that I needed a break, mainly to take time off to deal with my depression. During the break, I discovered why I have been depressed, and also realized I'd actually been depressed pretty much my whole life. The reason I've been depressed is because, despite my accomplishments, I didn't really feel like I accomplished anything at all. I found that out by taking what was my final, grueling and painful cycling ride to the Everglades. It's funny. My first ever long cycling ride was to the Everglades, and my last was to the same place. Different spots, but somehow the exact same amount of miles. Not long after, I was hospitalized, as my transplanted kidney finally failed, and I began Dialysis. Think that was at the beginning of August? Anyways, Dialysis is a lot easier for me now than when I was a teen. Aaaand, not long after that, I came down with pneumonia and at the same time became severely dehydrated, as well as finding out my left native kidney was bleeding. I was hospitalized again, and if it had been a day late, I would have died. Got that fixed, but still dealing with low hemoglobin problems. Thanks to getting past my depression, I got through it very easily, mentally. So anyways, it's obvious, but just to be sure, I'm back to animating again. Since I won't be able to go on any long trips anytime soon, my focus is entirely on my animations.

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Got a couple projects on my hands at the moment. Second episode of my original anime is in progress, as well as a fan animation and an animation amv.


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