Amazing Stories | A Haunted Number

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1m Jul 30, 2021

Love, it is what it is . . . . . brutal, exhilirating, vivid and liable to take you apart . . .just like battle. All we can do is survive . . . . .

Please read: I cannot post regular videos here any longer. YT has more or less banned my channel by preventing ads from supporting it.
I have my own website and server so nobody can enforce their rules on my work.

Please join us at www.davidbonnie.com where for a tiny fee you can enjoy all the videos complete and articles, news and advice.

About The Real Ladyboy Show

Welcome to our channel and short films about Thailand, Thai Culture and Ladyboys. We are David and Annie (who is a Thai ladyboy)as seen on Ladyboys the documentary in the UK, Australia and the Phillipines.


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