MN State Rep Claims Racial Profiling in Traffic Stop | Bodycam Shows a Total Lie

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2m Jul 21, 2021

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Items referenced:
SC NAACP leader says he was racially profiled. Body cam footage tells different story: https://bit.ly/3kKpouR
MPD refutes claims of racial profiling on attorney, backed by body cam: https://bit.ly/2UvIMAU
Tulsa Police Release Body Cam Video After Accusations Of Racial Profiling: https://bit.ly/3kIgbTA
Video: Woman goes on racist rant, calls L.A. County deputy a ‘murderer’ during traffic stop in San Dimas: https://bit.ly/2UAbccV
A police chief made racist remarks before a BLM protest. A sergeant’s bodycam captured it all.: https://wapo.st/3zgzbfV
Police Bodycam Transcripts: George Floyd Pleaded 20 Times That He Couldn't Breathe: https://n.pr/3ziQFZi
Body cameras are seen as key to police reform. But do they increase accountability?: https://to.pbs.org/3zjz17Q
Police with body cameras receive 93% fewer complaints – study: https://bit.ly/3kGPfDJ
Rep. John Thompson was racially profiled, supporters say, now a target for speaking out: https://bit.ly/3isilEh
Rep. John Thompson’s full statement following traffic stop: https://bit.ly/3wU1hw7
Rep. John Thompson traffic stop bodycam video: https://youtu.be/7xVnkE0F0m8
John Thompson faces calls to resign, release footage of police encounter: https://bit.ly/3wXe1BT
Video: Police bodycam footage of Rep. John Thompson's July 4 traffic stop: https://bit.ly/3xQ5TVc
Rep. John Thompson Minnesota legislature page: https://bit.ly/2V2ndbb
DFL candidate for Minnesota house apologizes after Hugo protest: https://bit.ly/3BjRqmA
Protest from outside the house of Bob Kroll, President of Minneapolis Police Union: https://youtu.be/GsEeYFDlKXc
EXCLUSIVE: Past posts reveal Thompson’s derogatory treatment of women: https://bit.ly/3rv9rKk
John Thompson wants privacy: https://bit.ly/3zf2m2X

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fyoutube @fyoutube 1m 1 month ago

Stop breaking the law and you will not be pulled over.

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