Canaanite Origins | DNA

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6m Mar 20, 2021

What do you think of when you hear the term Canaanites?

Do you think of biblical enemies? Bronze Age conquests? Manifest destiny?
In this episode we dive into the heart of Canaanite history by exploring who they were and where they came from?

We are joined by geneticist Razib Khan as we dive deep into the Neolithic and Prehistoric world by discussing the original founders of the ancient Levant such as the Natufians and what their bodies tell us that is forever changing history as we know it.

We then dive into the formulation of the first villages which will eventually grow into towns and then cities such as Jericho and Çatalhöyük, eventually we begin to see the formulation and creation of those that we will know in history as the Canaanites.

Lastly we discuss their legacy, are there peoples today living in the Middle East who are descended from these ancient peoples while briefly talking about the politics of ancient DNA in these modern nations.

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