The New Normal

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7m Dec 23, 2020

Tales From The Golden Age

The New Normal

The year is 2024. A dark cloud hangs over a broken and vastly impoverished nation, its influence and standing in the world severely diminished. What remains of the United Kingdom is isolated from its neighbours, the union with Scotland has collapsed and war had broken out across the heavily fortified Irish border. Society is riven with division and conflict creating an atmosphere of enmity and distrust. One half of the population despises and derides the other half. The authority of the populist government has been fatally undermined by their inept and short-sighted handling of both the coronavirus pandemic and the nation's chaotic and destructive departure from the European Union. Against this background and against all the odds, Dorothy has finally found a new carer.

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Kate Carthy
Original music composed by Neil Thompson
Videography by Ian Dixon Potter
Edited by Howard White


“Kate Carthy’s performance as Dorothy is brilliantly disarming because it’s delivered in a dark and dour working class conversational style which lulls you into a false sense of familiarity“ “Stoke resident Dorothy whose conservative (small and big C) views on the subject are a fascinating hour of in-talk about what really goes on behind closed doors in Middle England" “There’s a warning to be heeded if The New Normal is also prescient about Brexit divisions in England actually worsening a few years from now.”
★★★★ Eddie Saint-Jean for What's Hot London

​“Carthy’s portrayal of the character is so highly convincing.” “Dark humour consistently permeates the show.” “The concluding remarks are a fine and intriguing twist, and a viable solution for the trio, though probably not one Dorothy had previously envisaged.” "This monologue is thought-provoking and absorbing.”
★★★★ Chris Omaweng for London Theatre1

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