AwesomeMan Pilot Reanimated | Fifth Anniversary Special

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5m Feb 19, 2021

For the fifth anniversary of the channel, I reanimated the first cartoon I ever made, The AwesomeMan Pilot. Now you can enjoy AwesomeMan's legendary quest for doughnuts with new hand-drawn 4K animation.

Also, stick around to the end of the video for a special anniversary surprise.

Thank you all so much for five amazing years. Get ready because this channel has only just begun.

Parnell Platinum: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCCCh32EoG4M0ENG3c47iQTA

AwesomeMan is an adult animated action-comedy series that I have been creating for the past several years. The series centres around Jason Cool, a dim-witted man who just happens to be the strongest person in the universe. He attempts to use his powers to save the world but usually, his much more intelligent team takes care of evil for him.

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If you are still reading the description then good for you. That means that you are awesome.

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