CannaBushi Makes DynaVap Themed No-Bake ABV Cookie Dough Bites

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2m Nov 11, 2021

CannaBushi makes Betty Crocker ‘no-bake’ ABV cookie dough bites with a bit of a twist. This easy to make no-bake dessert has been creatively reimagined as the DynaVap Dezato Maki Roll. Here's how to make one yourself:

1 lb. of Fondant
¼ lb. Marshmallows
⅓ cup Cream Cheese
2 Tbls. ABV Butter
1 cup confectioner’s sugar
(if you have followed my recipes, you can find a way to make your own but infused)
2 Tbls. ABV Food Shortening
1 bottle of Silver Color Mist food shimmering spray
1 pkg. Black Sparkle Gel
1 tube of Green Decorating Icing

How To Make
First you want to create your ‘ABV’ butter for the recipe so I recommend using a Magical Butter Machine. I used their own recipe at www.magicalbutter.com to make butter and doubled up for a stronger recipe. Just because you have ‘leftovers’ of ABV doesn’t mean it should be a waste!
Now you will want to put the fondant, marshmallows, in the microwave for 15 second intervals and make sure to mix them together while warm. If it seems a little sticky. Add some of the sugar a little at a time until you get a nice fondant. (side note: you can use a little infused oil during this step for an extra kick)
This is where it gets incredibly easy! We are going to take the no-bake cookie, the cream cheese, and the ABV butter in a bowl. Place in the microwave for 2 15 second intervals. Mix thoroughly, until you get a nice dough. It kneads it!
Place your dough into the fridge and grab your fondant. I kept a small damp microfiber on hand to keep my cutting board wet. You can totally use a buttercream or Acetate sheets to keep a grasp of the fondant. Grab a rolling pin and spread the fondant to an 8”x10” sheet. Roughly around ⅜” in thickness. Creating a ‘fondant nori’ of sorts. Place on a sheet of wax paper or clear plastic acetate. Thus will make it easier to roll with.
With the fondant on your cutting board place the no bake cookie dough you created in the center and lengthwise. Grab the edges of the fondant and begin to ‘roll over’ and encapsulate the dough. Using a Makisu firmly press so it creates a sushi roll.
Make sure you pack the edges in and cut off a two inch piece and place it to the side. Cut the rest into 7 more one inch pieces/slices. Grab some leftover fondant and create a ‘VapCap’ to make it look like the DYNAVAP device.
Using your silver food spray. Make sure to spray paint the roll evenly. Even the cap you just created. Now it’s starting to look like something.

Next make some final touches by adding ‘dabs’ of green icing to replicate the packed bowl of fresh greens. Add an ‘M’ to the top and well, we just made a fun, easy to use dessert sushi roll that looks like a DYNAVAP Device! I hope you enjoyed making it as I enjoyed creating for you all!!

Chef Chris Rodarte aka CannaBushi is a five star Sushi Chef. Inventor of the first THC/CBD infused dessert sushi roll in America, plus countless other infused culinary firsts. Traveling across America and working for some of the most renowned restaurants and Chefs in the country including Michelin rated Akira Back and Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant in the Bellagio. Nominated for the best Cannabis Chef in Las Vegas 2020 and 2021 and the First Cannabis Chef ever to be inducted into The Marquis Who's Who of America. Check him out on The Chef Piero Show Episode #2 and soon to be released Naked Sushi by CannaBushi on Vuuzle.TV. Making food for Celebrities, UFC Fighters, Musicians, Artists, Cannabis Influencers, The Man Boy Mafia and so many more! Check out his website at www.cannabushi.com for more details.

Thanks for watching!

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