Mike Tyson KOs Richardson First Fight Without Cus This Day in Boxing November 13, 1985

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7y Nov 13, 2013

Tell your kids to listen to Mike's interview!! The real Tyson.

Mike Tyson scores a sensational 1st round knockout over Eddie Richardson in Houston. Cus D'amato died the week before. Cus told Mike that would happen one day and he told Mike to continue on. Mike promised he would. And man did he continue on. Youngest Heavyweight Champion of All time -- Commercials on network TV for Pepsi Cola, Nintendo Video, Kodak Film -- Hired as a spokesperson for the New York City Police Department, FBI and DEA -- voted "World's Most Popular Athlete 1987." Not bad. And the best -- Mike's post fight interview -- the brilliance of Cus D'amato shining through Mike.

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