The Condemned Irish Soldiers of WWII

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1y Jul 14, 2019

It should leave no one surprised when I say that the history between Ireland and England is very tattered to say the least. With spats of violence between the two dating back to the 18th century, whole generations were brought up with a learned bitterness toward the other side, and when World War 2 eventually took the globe by storm, Ireland had in 1922, only just gained her independence from British rule and was in no mood to be fighting any wars nor in a mood to help the British at any length, and thus stayed neutral. With that said, as the German Blitzkrieg devastated Western Europe and was knocking on the door of the British Isles, many Irish men put aside their qualms with the British to fight a fight they deemed of greater ideological importance. However unlike the rest of the men who fought, these Irish soldiers didn’t come home heralded as heroes for defeating Nazi Germany and were largely condemned by their own people.

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