The Brighton Beach Concerto - Canon 1DX MK II

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5y Jul 14, 2016

Filmed on the Canon 1DX MK II
Super in depth blog post: http://www.philipbloom.net/blog/1dx2/

Whilst hosting the Shadows & Light filmmaking event in Brighton I borrowed the Canon 1DX MK II from http://www.hireacamera.com , actually I had it for a few days before that too and in that time I made huge video autofocus test/ vlog with various other cameras. That edit will be out in a couple of weeks. In the meantime there is this...
Yes I have filmed in Brighton so many times but as i was down there anyway it made sense for me to do some filming with the camera! Despite it being mid July the weather was not very summery which served my purposed well as you can see.

I go in depth about what I tried to achieve in the edit and also the challenges of filming something you have already filmed many times in my blog post. Plus I talk about my thoughts on the camera and my colour grading of this edit.

All the shots were on the Canon 100-400 L series version 1. I used the Genus Solar Eclipse variable ND with built in circular polariser. Shots were in DCI 4K 50p (interpreted as 25p in Premiere) and 1080p 100fps (which automatically plays back as super slow motion 25p) It was incredibly windy and I didn't use one of my decent tripods due to the weight. So I had to use warp stabilise a fair bit as the IS of the lens struggled on the end of the lens in that intense wind. It came out well though!

Music is Elgar's Cello Concerto Movement 1from http://www.royaltyfreeclassicalmusic.co.uk

Grading is with FilmConvert. 10% off with code bloom at http://gopb.co/filmconvert

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