Oh My God, the Stuart Is On Fire (Mild Profanity)

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3y Apr 24, 2018

Taken at the Aquino weekend last year, I was brought aside and challenged to get out of an M3. They seemed unconvinced I could do it. As an unofficial video, I wasn't too worried about the language, so watch your speaker volume if your kid is nearby.

Points to note: 1) Unfamiliarity with the fold of the lower hatch slowed me down. 2) Although I would theoretically have been able to risk getting out with the upper hatch on the stand as it was had there been a real fire, I saw no reason to risk damaging myself, and requested help to ensure the support strut was locked in place. 3) I have apparently pioneered a new exit technique. 4) I need to lose weight.

I am sure that one day I will do a proper Inside the Hatch on a Stuart, but this will do for now.

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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