Cake melting in the summer sun #shorts

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1m Sep 17, 2021

Usually my cakes are eaten either by me, friends, family, fans, or customers. However, I had a super busy week and this cake sat on the counter a little too long to be eaten ☹️ On the bright side I was able to do a little experiment! I let the cake sit outside in the 90 degree Texas summer sun for 15 minutes and this is what happened 😱

Watch me make this cake at https://youtu.be/eDWfvGFeJf8

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I’m Natalie Sideserf and I make realistic and quirky cake sculptures. This channel is where I post all my how-to and process videos so you can see how they are made! Realistic foods, human busts, animals, I cake them all. New cake video every Monday.


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