TAB Episode 28

MAC Modèle 1950 - Live Fire

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2y Aug 25, 2018

In this live fire episode Matt gets his hands on a French Modèle 1950. The Modèle 1950 replaced the earlier Modèles 1935A & S pistols in 1951. Chambered in 9x19mm it remained in service throughout the Cold War until it was replaced by a licensed copy of the Beretta 92.

The Modèle 1950 is a simple pistol, feeding from a 9-round, single stack magazine, it has a single action trigger and a slide mounted safety.

In this video Matt puts some rounds through the MAC 1950 and we take a look at the pistol in slow motion. Our thanks to our friend Chuck, over at gunlab.net, for his help with this video. The MAC 1950 will be the topic of a full video and blog soon!

Check out our website https://armourersbench.com for an accompanying article on the MAC 1950.

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