Tiger Valley 2018 - Stage 6 - Tunnel Crawling

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2y Jan 28, 2019

The Tiger Valley 2 Man 2 Gun team match is a very unique event that requires collaboration, communication and combined efforts between both team members to succeed. We have been promoting this match on InRange for years as one of the quintessential events to attend for anyone interested in the unique combination of a shooting and training event. This match has influenced the philosophy of 2g-ACM and the InRange Brutality matches more than any other by far.

This year Sinistral Rifleman and Karl teamed up with some unique rifles to see how they'd fare in this event that emphasizes practicality over gimmicks: a KE Arms SBR AR15 and a Arsenal SLR106UR.

Typically SBR configurations are detrimental, or at least provide no advantages, l in match environments but we suspect that might be different with Tiger Valley.

Here's stage 6 - Tunnel Crawling

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y53f @y53f 10m 10 months ago

Cool video my guy! I enjoyed this! Great work!

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