Firing the Rheinmetall VG45

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2y Dec 7, 2018

A very desperate Nazi Germany was preparing to arm everyone, quite literally everyone, with people's rifles to fight against the unslaught of the Red Army that was steadily marching into Berlin. A number of designs were created across multiple manufacturers, the most well known one being the Gustloff Werke's semi-automatic VG1-5.

Rheinmetall took a different approach, however, and designed the "VG45" - a very low cost, quick to produce bolt action rifle chambered in 7.92 kurz using detachable Mp44 magazines.

The "VG45" never made it off paper and was never produced during the war, however, a small number have been made post war and here's a brief video of Karl firing one.

The gun is light, handles very well and has very minimal recoil.
Quite honestly, it looks terrible but shoots very well.

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