How to Transfer Videos From Your Computer to Your Phone, Fast | Camera Roll & Post to Instagram

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2y Feb 6, 2019

Do you want to know how to transfer videos from your computer to your phone fast? Instagram doesn't let you post videos directly from your computer, so you'll need to save the videos from your computer onto your camera roll. In this tutorial, I show you the free, easy way to transfer these videos to your phone. Programs like Hootsuite and Buffer may allow you to post photos directly to Instagram, and it looks like they'll be adding video soon. However, even once they roll out these features, you still may want to be posting from your phone for these reasons:
•You can set the cover photo (very important)
•You can add filters
•It's easier to use emojis in your post
•You can do multi posts with a number of photos and videos

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Check File is in the right format - 0:53
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Transfer From Computer - 2:37
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