The First Labor Strike in History and the Bronze Age Collapse

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1y Feb 7, 2020

This presentation deals with the first recorded workers strike that took place in Ancient Egypt under Ramses III, this touches on a variety of issues and subjects such as the Bronze Age Collapse and the effect it had on the Egyptian population and economy after the invasions of the Sea Peoples.

Joshua J. Mark an excellent writer of the famously well known Ancient History Encyclopedia takes us on a journey into the Bronze Age Collapse and into the very heart of ancient Egyptian society.

We see the social struggles and religious views as mistreated and under appreciated workers step beyond their place to further better themselves and their families regardless of what the consequences could have or may have been.

It is a tale of chaos, restoration and social struggle. And I loved every second of it.

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Photo Credits go to Manna Nader, at Gabana Studios in Cairo.

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