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7y Jun 18, 2014

Muktinath ToursMukti equals Nirvana/Salvation and Nath equals God. Thus the name Muktinath refers to the "liberation or salvation giving Hindu god".

According to Hindu mythology, the life of a person does not end even after the death; it goes on till the unknown through the cycles of birth and rebirth. To end such a never-ending cycle and pave one's path to the heaven, one needs to get Mukti or Moksha (salvation) and it is possible only after setting foot on the pious soil of this region. So the temple here is named Muktinath. For a devout Hindu soul, attainment of salvation is a supreme goal. So thousands of faithful followers of the religion flock to this region in quest of the salvation, Even Buddhists worship Muktinath as their holy shrine believing their Guru Rimpoche (founder of Tibetan Buddhism) received enlightenment here. This region is very famous for Shaligrams (ammonites). Shaligrams hold great religious significance in the Hindu religion with a belief that Lord Vishnu turned into a Shaligram after being cursed by Brinda, a holy woman. Muktinath is a valley consisting of seven historic villages -- Putak, Jhong, Chhyonkhar, Purang, Jharkoy, Khinga and Ranipauwa, and the region is majorly inhabited by the Bhotias.

The temple lies at an altitude of 3800 meters above the sea level at the base of Thorang peak in Mustang district. While doing the famous Annapurna round trek, we enter Mustang through the Muktinath temple. The temple provides excellent views of Tibetan plateau and the Annapurna massifs.

The self-originated holy shrine is regarded highly by Hindus and Buddhists alike, and is a supreme example of religious tolerance between the two religions. The 108 water spouts and the
Jala- Vaishnava(the never-ending natural fire-light by the water) makes this place mysterious and fills it with awe. According to the common belief, the temple must be visited a least once after paying visits to four Dhams in the India.

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