Chieftains Q&A 18½ Rabbits, Reindeer and Wombats

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7m Jan 26, 2021

Part 2, continuing from last week

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Table of Contents

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00:00 Hallo.
00:09 Why the jump in designations to the M103 from all the earlier numbers?
01:15 On occasion, military equipment is painted up to be particularly visible to the enemy. Did this ever happen to armor units or vehicles?
02:52 Has there ever been a case of Shermans engaging Shermans?
03:32 Do shells fired by a tank normally wobble?
04:31 Are there any armed forces I think might have a problem converting power on paper to military victories?
05:29 What are the procedures in case of a misfire?
06:51 Can I shed some light on the development process of the ARL-44
09:15 Are there talks of doing any more books with Wargaming on meds, lights or artillery vehicles of the US?
09:55 Have i come across documents comparing steel quality?
10:33 Would the US have been better off adopting the CVRT over the M551?
11:27 What holds the turret to the hull?
12:56 What does it mean for resources to be held at different army levels?
13:46 What am I hoping will be under the tree for me this Christmas?
14:48 Is it true that after WWII construction companies used Shermans to destroy houses?
16:22 Any amusing stories of after-action reports of Sherman ops in the Pacific to share?
16:52 How do vehicle crews manage to keep their optics and sensors clear in foul weather or muddy terrain?
17:15 How difficult of terrain is deep snow?
17:48 Were the LVT/LVTAs successful in their roles in Pacific and Europe?
18:23 Any advantages/disadvantages to a reindeer-powered present supply vehicle as opposed to one which uses tracks.
22:17 You and some tanker buddies just started band, what would you name it?
22:42 Does the low silhouette of Eastern block tanks cause a problem in urban terrain?
23:42 Why were T62s and not T72s used in Afghanistan?
23:54 Does greater track width necessitate a greater output from the engine,
24:45 Would field expedient means of damaging bridges, such as shooting at them with cannon or SP artillery be a reasonable means of slowing pursuit?
25:40 What is my opinion on tanks where the commander’s position is centerline in the turret?
27:10 What’s the most surprising vehicle I’ve explored?
28:05 Are the books behind me the only ones I have?
28:50 Why were the Coalition armies so effective at killing Warsaw Pact equipment in the 1991 war?
29:58 Would I care to opine on the trend of mis-labelling Russian equipment?
31:15 In replacing the Bradley would the US do better to have different vehicles for the IFV and CFV roles?
32:52 What would a post-war TD branch have looked like?
34:35 What is the blue jacketed round of ammo I have displayed on my shelf?
36:05 Tank related lies in Patton

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The Chieftain (Real name Nicholas Moran) is Wargaming America's resident tanker and amateur historian.


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