Early Christian Ireland and the Cáin Adomnáin

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2y Sep 5, 2019

This lecture dives into hagiography, the introduction of Christianity into Ireland, Irish invasions and incursions into the British Isles, St. Patrick, and the Cáin Adomnáin.

For those not familiar with Cáin Adomnáin here is a brief summary.

Medieval Sourcebook: Cain Adamnain: An Old-Irish Treatise on the Law of Adamnan.

This law treatise is found in only two manuscripts, both late, but derived from the lost Book of Raphoe, written in Old Irish probably in the ninth century. The book of Raphoe is believed to have been a collection of materials on St. Adomnan. The Canons of Adamnan are also believed to have been copied from it. It claims to be the first Irish law to protect women, children, and the clergy from violence. The Annals of Ulster dates the promulgation of this law to 696/7 at the Synod of Birr.This treatise seeks to explain the law and is not a copy of the actual law code that was enacted at Birr in 697. There is a long list of guarantors of the law near the end of the treatise, who as far as can be checked, were all alive in 697. This law is also known as the Law of the Innocents. My notes are included in brackets, all others are from Meyer. See the hard back edition of this text for the treatise in Irish and for all of Meyer's notes. This edition is beyond copyright but Meyer should still be cited in all references and reference to this web site would be appreciated.

Attribution: Bilkent Courses on the Web

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