Fairy Tale Heroine

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2y Nov 29, 2018

I don’t know the chord names, but this is played in open G. Lyrics:

all my life, she said,
seems to be little more than
a long-ass laundry list for
stains a thousand strangers made
& here I am on my knees
like a fairytale heroine
hoping this dander'll become
gold ingots, somehow

hush my dear, said the old hag
with the mantis-looking head
& two red eyes like live coals
burning bright inside the night
I'm here now to extol thee
the virtues of the maidenhead
these the soft rules that'll help you
navigate you wary life:

heed the eyes of the man
who would have you lay with him
study the heat that is caused
when his eyes behold your warmth
know that he is impatience
almost wholly by design
study his wants and ensure
your wishes he will manifest...

and every goat is the beloved of God
but still each one wants to be a lion
and every man's a deity in his own head
but all who were born will one day be dead


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