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1w Sep 5, 2021

Nate Bower is back with another video for you guys. This is all about lead hook variations on the Heavy Bag. If you don’t have a heavy bag, use this video as a tutorial to know the variations and work shadowboxing with me. If you want more videos like this one, check out the channel for more tutorials or just killer Workouts and working in Heavy bags.

What is a Lead Hook?
A hook is a punch in boxing. When throwing a hook, the puncher shifts his body weight to the lead foot, allowing him to pivot and generate kinetic energy through the hip/torso/shoulder, swinging his lead fist horizontally toward the opponent.
A hook is usually aimed at the jaw, but it can also be used for body shots, especially to the liver. Hook punches can be thrown by either the lead hand or the rear hand, but the term used without a qualifier usually refers to a lead hook.

First of all, the left hook can be used as a counter shot off a block rear side, off a
counter shot, off a block, and can be a body shot or headshot. There’s a lot of ways to use lead hook variations so let’s go over them.

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You want to make sure you have proper contact with the heavy bag when you’re throwing to lead hook, so make sure you’re in the proper position.

  1. First lead hook variation is making contact to the side of the bag at an angle. Step in on an angle to the side of the heavy bag.

  2. The second variation is throwing it as a check hook. You can see this where Mayweather landed this on Hatten, where you step back and land the hook while your opponent is stepping in, and you throw that check hook with a spin-off. That lead hook variation allows you to turn when you throw the lead hook. That's the check hook variation number two.

  3. The third lead hook variation is a short hook. This lead hook variation is to throw it in tight. A short lead hook is very dangerous because you can’t see it coming in a lot of the time, and when you’re working inside, the lead hook can release quickly. It can happen very fast and can cause damage because it’s fast and very, very accurate. That’s the lead hook variation short inside.

Work all of these Lead hook variations on the heavy bag next workout.

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