Hard as Hell 2 Gun - Introduction & Stage 1

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4y Jun 8, 2017

InRangeTV attended the first ever Hard as Hell 2 gun at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting range recently and we recorded this important event in the growth of 2 gun as a venue. This is the same facility and staff that brought us the first Rifle Dynamics Red Oktober AK match in 2016.

This first HaH 2 gun was a success and plans are already afoot for 2018 with lessons learned from this first effort. 2 gun isn't 3 gun and the demographics are the same but also different.

We have content regarding each and every stage, 1 through 9, as well as some conclusions at the end about the match and the gear.

We hope you enjoy this series and find it entertaining as well as educational.

Each stage had a sci-fi theme to throw a little fun into the mix. Our first stage, this one, was by far the most physically challenging one of the entire event!

Stage 1:
Icon of Sin
You’ve driven back the hordes of hell that arrived through the portal on earth. It is time to confront the ultimate evil and close the portal for good. You must retrieve ammo from the respawn point when empty. Engage the Icon of Sin from the platform (steel), then eliminate the demons and imps (paper).

Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range:
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