Chinese Warlord Pistols: Massive FN 1900 Copies in .30 Mauser

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1m Jun 11, 2021

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The armies of Warlord Era China had quite a fondness for the FN 1900 pistol, but they also made extensive use of the 7.63mm Mauser cartridge. So what would be a more natural choice than to make copies of the FN 1900 in 7.63mm Mauser? We can look past the fast that the FN design (and its Chinese copies) used a simple blowback mechanism that was not strong enough for extended use with a cartridge as potent as the Mauser round...

There are a variety of different patterns of 7.63mm FN copies made in China. Some are only a tiny bit larger than the genuine FN 1900, often with a round-bottomed grip. Others are larger - some of them a LOT larger - with longer magazines and fitted for shoulder stocks.

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