Hot Water Extract Mushroom Powder - How To Make at Home (No Alcohol)

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7m Dec 28, 2020

This method is used to extract the beta-d-glucans from the fungal cell walls known as chitin, and to turn it into homemade mushroom powder. Dual extractions (water and alcohol are used to release beta-glucans and terpenes) are more ideal for tinctures since the polysaccharides precipitate out in alcohol. This essentially removes many of the beta-glucans. So in some cases, it is preferred to ONLY perform a hot water extraction so that you keep as much of the beta-d-glucans as possible.

Oyster mushrooms in particular have a unique polysaccharide called pleurans. Pleurans have an anti-neoplasmic activity and can enhance the body's immune system. Pleuran has anti-inflammatory properties and has shown to aid in intestinal and colon diseases.

Caution A small % of people are allergic to oyster mushrooms. Consume at your own risk and start with small dose if deciding to do so.

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