Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield (Killer and cross-dresser)

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1y May 3, 2020

A middle-aged loner, who many believed slightly eccentric and harmless, held a dark secret that most believed uncharacteristic. Raised in an uber-strict, religious household, Edward Theodore Gein grew up in a dysfunctional environment where sex, even after marriage, was deemed lustful and men to be lothesome creatures who only thought of their desires and nothing else. Ed Gein worshipped the woman who taught him those ideals, his mother, and after her death, he began a murky descent into madness. “True Crime: Man’s Dark Imagination” journeys to investigate the factual basis of the events surrounding Gein’s discovery and apprehension.

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Alive Evil (FREE)
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Underworld (FREE)

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About True Crime: MDI

Factual history of mankind's darkest deeds. This channel is to present educational and entertaining material that satisfies even the most discerning true crime aficionados.


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