Silver, Ships, Olives, and Mercenaries: Contacts Between Egypt and the Greek World (1600-1200 B.C)

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1y Mar 28, 2020

Connections between Ancient Egypt and the Mycenaean world have often been understood in terms of indirect exchange, via middlemen on Cyprus and in the Levant. This view is mainly informed by the relative paucity of Mycenaean pottery found in Egypt, especially when compared to the large amounts of Mycenaean pottery found on Cyprus and the Levant. It will be argued in this presentation that connections between Egypt and Mycenae were of direct, diplomatic nature and that various different missions can be identified over the course of the 15th to 13th centuries BC. To prove this belief, the lecture presents a range of archaeological, iconographical and textual evidence coming both from Egypt and the Mycenaean world.

Check out Dr. Jorrit Kelder and his work on Academia here: https://oxford.academia.edu/JorritKelder

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