How to Make a Youtube Link that Subscribes to Your Channel 2020

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6m Jan 23, 2021

Learning how to make a YouTube Link that subscribes to your channel in 2020 is one of the fastest ways that you can get more subscribers on your channel. Text that goes after your channel name: ?sub_confirmation=1 On your other social profiles: don't simply link to your YouTube channel or a video. Send them a link that let's them subscribe immediately. This tends to work best if you tell people what kind of content they'll get if they subscribe and then say "click here to subscribe". That way, people are expecting to get a subscribe link rather being surprised when it pops up. For example: For weekly helpful content on growing your channels and increasing your business using video marketing you can subscribe here: youtube.com/jacob-le?sub_confirmation=1 Thanks so much for watching this video. You now know exactly how to make a YouTube Link that subscribes people to your channel.

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