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2m Feb 6, 2021

Individual Mini Apple Pies Recipe - Glen And Friends Cooking This recipe for single serve individual apple pies, works great for a full sized deep dish apple pie as well. Macerating apples before making an apple pie, helps the apples retain shape and crunch - and keeps the pie from being soggy. Macerating fruit for pies is an age old 'trick' that doesn't get mentioned all that often outside professional baking circles. Yet macerated apples will give you the ultimate apple pie filling.

8-10 baking apples, diced (about 8 cups)
10 mL (2 tsp) sugar for each apple
10 mL (2 tsp) cinnamon
5 mL (1 tsp) grated nutmeg
1 recipe for a double crust pie dough ( https://youtu.be/kzwSTJQK9-g )
30 mL (6 tsp) butter
Egg wash

Peel, core, and dice the apples.
Place in a bowl, and stir in the sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
Cover and refrigerate for 24-48 hours.
Drain off the accumulated liquid into a pot and simmer gently to reduce by ½ - ⅔.
Roll out the pie dough and line 6 (5” x 1.25” / 3cm x 13cm) individual pie pans.
Fill with apple, pour in some of the reduced syrup, and add 1 tsp of butter on top.
Seal the pastry, egg wash and sprinkle sugar on those that you will bake today, and freeze the rest.
(Freeze the pies, then wrap them)
Bake for 20 minutes in a preheated 230ºC (450ºF) oven, then reduce temp to 180ºC (350ºF) and bake for 45 minutes more - or until pastry is golden brown.

The frozen pies can be baked from frozen by adjusting the time slightly.

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Welcome friends welcome back to the kitchen today i was going to make a big apple pie uh i've got some ambrosia apples here that i need to use up um they're pretty bruised kind of on their last legs so i thought i'd make a pie and then i thought there's just two of us we're in a lockdown why don't i make individual pies or smaller pies uh so that i can freeze some and then we don't have a giant pie sitting on the counter calling to us to eat it so start by peeling the apples and you could use a peeler you could use a paring knife like i'm doing so many ways to peel an apple do the way that makes you feel comfortable and for the most part i think of apple pies as being fairly free form um every apple is going to taste different going to need a different amount of sugar going to need a different amount of spicing and you sort of have to play it by ear depending on what apples you get and as much as everybody says you know all you should use this type of apple not every type of apple is available everywhere all the time this ambrosia apple that i'm using is available across north america fairly easily i believe it's grown pretty much everywhere in north america at this point but it's not always going to be at the grocery store it's not always going to be at the market so you have to kind of play it by ear when you're working with apples and not every apple is going to be the same size you're sometimes going to have to cut around bad parts so you need to be flexible when you're doing this and don't really worry too much about it it'll often turn out just fine so i've got a lot of apples i should shut up and just keep peeling

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