The Uninvention of Progress: "Science is RACIST" and the Destruction of Academia #ShutDownSTEM

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1y Jun 19, 2020

In a conversation with Joe Rogan, Bret addressed the #ShutDownSTEM phenomenon in which more than 5,000 scientists went on strike to protest systemic racism in STEM. Two prominent scientific journals also shut down operations and pledged to use the day to address racial inequalities in science.

Bret explains how this movement traces its roots to critical theory. Critical theory began as a line of investigation into racial biases inside the court system, but has morphed into something that the originators of it would not even recognize. Bret explains that critical theory has been hijacked and distorted by cultural marxists wielding postmodernists doctrines. Critical theory is now, as Bret calls it, a trojan horse in academia with entire departments dedicated to its study. The consequence of this, Weinstein explains, is nothing short of the uninvention of progress. These departments are now dictating terms to the sciences and have adopted the view that STEM itself, that science itself is racist.

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