HOW ONLYFANS GIRLS SCAM YOU - Onlyfans Tips & Advice

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10m Feb 24, 2021

Checkout Babygirl & show some 💕 https://twitter.com/BabygirlXD18
You can get scammed by an Onlyfans girl so easily, just look at the Bella Thorne situation. Because of her BS, guys can be more skeptical about paying for your Onlyfans subscription, which could in turn get you scammed by a guy who asks for a free nude to see if you're scamming him and HE SCAMS YOU by not paying for any content and he got a free nude out of you. This Onlyfans scamming could really get out of hand quick and thats why you got to help yourself and not fall for these tricks.

FREE ONLYFANS SUBSCRIPTIONS: If you off free subscriptions, you have more credibility with the customers, so if you post risque pics or vids on your feed, that is good enough proof. Dont let guys scam you by asking for a free nude pic in DMs when your feed clearly shows you are not scamming anyone.

Today we talk to 18 year old high school girl, Babygirl who just started Onlyfans! FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn't find out she was STILL in high school until half way through the podcast & yes, it weirded me out BUT she is an 18 year old adult according to the law, so nothing wrong with anyone seeing her roast beef taco and big ol' titties 😜 Plus, what a fetish she can take advantage of for the next few months! 18 year old high school girl gets naked on Onlyfans has got to get a lot of hits but anyways, it was a GREAT conversation and we will definitely be checking in with Babygirl again soon!

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