The Roman Empire of the Second Century: Nerva Adopts Trajan

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2y Apr 4, 2019

In the begining of this story we learn about the rise of Nerva and his brief reign. It deals with his almost peaceful regime, the rebellion of soldiers, and his legacy which revolves around the adoption of Trajan. This story will feature and focus on the Antonines of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire of the Second Century: Or, The Age of the Antonines by William Wolfe CAPES (1834 - 1914)

This short overview of the Roman Empire from AD 96-180 opens as the murderers of Domitian raise to power the wise old senator, Nerva.

Ignoring assassination rumors, his successor, the brave soldier Trajan, "went about the streets almost unguarded" and was easy of access to all classes. He was followed by the brilliant, gay emperor, Hadrian, who "revised the imperial budget with the skill of a trained accountant." We meet the immortal Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who spent his life fighting barbarians along the Danube.

The book closes with chapters on the religions of the empire, on the state's response to Christianity, and on imperial administration. (Summary by Pamela Nagami)

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