BEST Camera GEAR of 2020: Part 1

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7m Dec 25, 2020

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There's so much that has come out this year that I decided to split up my end of year review into two parts. This one covers a wide range of categories, part 2 covers cameras and a few more and will be out in a few days.

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Canon R5: https://gopb.co/canonr5
Canon 800mm F11: https://gopb.co/800mm
Canon C70: http://gopb.co/canonc70
Sony FX6: https://gopb.co/fx6
Sony A7S III: https://gopb.co/a7siii
Sigma 35mm F1.2: https://bit.ly/sigma35mmartl
Sony 200-600mm F5.6-6.3: https://gopb.co/sony200600
Sony 135mm F1.8 GM: https://gopb.co/sony135
Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG DN ART: http://gopb.co/sigma85mm

GoPro Hero 9:http://gopb.co/gopro9

Revoring: http://gopb.co/revoringbh

DJI RS2: https://gopb.co/djirs2
DJ RSC2: http://gopb.co/rsc2

Aputure B7C: http://gopb.co/aputureb7c
Spiffy gear KYU-6: http://gopb.co/kyu6
Came TV Q55-S: https://gopb.co/q55sboltzen
Rotolight Titan X1: http://gopb.co/titanx1

Grogu/ The Child/ Baby Yoda: https://amzn.to/38BDGpJ

All music from Audio Network except the last track.

About Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 10 years of his 30-year career has specialized in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera. Some of his most iconic work was created with Canon DSLRs.


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