TAB Episode 14

15 Inch Vickers Coastal Guns - La Mola, Menorca

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3y Feb 9, 2018

Last summer Matt had the chance to visit the vast Fortalesa Isabel II, which was built to defend the port of Mahon on the island of Menorca. One of the fort's most impressive sights is its huge 15 inch gun battery.

The battery was established in 1932, the massive guns were made by Vickers and could throw an 860kg shell up to 22 miles but the fort and its battery of two 15 inch guns never saw action.

Technical Note: excuse some of the shakey footage, my DSLR is great for stills but not as good with video! I'm hoping to have a dedicated video camera soon, when I can afford one. Thanks for watching!

Check out our website https://armourersbench.com for a full in-depth article on the history of the fort and the design and use of the 15 inch guns!

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